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How could I miscalculate?

It's only you

Perfect eyes will have perfect aim
12 December
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Bisexuality is Real.

body modification is love
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Date Created:2003-06-17
Number of Posts: 115

And all these lines fall short of what I had in mind, A failed attempt to capsulize a feeling, So I just try, Fail and try and try again, Someday I swear I'm going to get it, Because I'm convinced that giving in is the worst thing there is Music is my sanity.
Strengths: Approachable, laid back, armed with the ability to make you smile.
Weaknesses: I'm scared of spiders, and of being alone. My willpower sucks.
Special Skills: Massage therapist, mender of broken hearts, healer of all wounded prides.
Weapons: Black switchblade. Yeah, I've got a mean streak.
Words that move me: A look a laugh a smile a second passes by and I regret it; words just aren't right. Sometimes I just can't explain all the ways you devastate me; you're always on my mind.

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When they see the dredder with the mic in ah me hand
We make the vibe just cool when you see we rockin
Heavy weight we got the fuel
Yer you know we tear it up coming with the action
Yer you know we're on top
Yer you know we're like a bomb
Ready to go off we got the ammunition
Yer you know that it's on
MJ rocks the place from dust till dawn ah na na
Co you know that it's on
We tears it up from dusk till dawn
Kill them with the rhythm
Coz we come to set it off, set it off
Yah know say we come fe set it off, set it off
Yah know say we come fe set it off, set it off
You know that we come fe set it off, set it off
You know that we come fe set it off, set it off
You know say we come fe set it off
Know we've stated what we want in ah der place
Now its up to you to move your body to the bass
We're hitting hard and coming strong
As you're jumping around you could never do no wrong
Set up the sound and make it rock
Coming with the power musically can't stop
We no want no negative in tha place
Stepping up a gear we got the bass you can taste
Come follow me one and two an
set it off

mucho amor, mi amante y amigo
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We've got hydroponic love and we're smokin'

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